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The vision of the church

Our Vision

We continue to live with the mandate to be a church that is in the business of "Restoring Lives, Reviving Hope and Reaching Communities".

Towards the end of 2017 we were given a very significant word from Rodney Haggar who is one of the leaders at Jubilee Church, Worthing. We believe that this word will shape much of who we are and how we grow in the days to come.

After seeing the Lemon Tree at Osborne House, he said the following:

The Lemon Tree - It is something that shouldn't normally grow in this country. It was up against a south facing wall, near the coast, in a sheltered spot.

Apex, God is growing you on a south facing wall, because he is growing something that doesn't normally grow here.

He is growing a church that you wouldn't normally expect to see on the IoW - you will not be limited by your setting or Geography.

So do not limit yourselves by an Island mentality, or a sense of what can and can't be achieved here - and don't be limited by previous history or experience.

The lemon tree was healthy, very green, substantial, and very fruitful. It had lots of lemons on it.

That is the Church I want to grow here says God:

A Healthy Church

People who know who they are in Christ, and have the life of Christ flowing through them - This Church will be characterised by LIFE and the needy and the desperate will also find health and freedom here under your shade.

A Substantial Church

You will be bigger than you would expect, proportionate to your population. But it’s not just about numbers, it’s to do with strength and stature - I am building a church of stature. You will attract people from cities.

A Fruitful Church

You will bless not just Cowes, not just the Isle of Wight, but the nations. He is calling forth fruitfulness from where ever people from Apex find themselves. And those who have lacked fruit will become fruitful.

You are about to enter a new decade of fruitfulness as you enter your tenth year.

But the reason the lemon tree was healthy, substantial and fruitful - was all down to the fact that it was growing very close to the wall.

And so you will be these things if you grow very close to Jesus - stick very close to Him - don’t stray from Him, because it is in his shelter you will be fruitful, drawing upon his life.

A key text for that comes from John 15:1-17.

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