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We believe the Bible teaches that actively belonging to a local church is normal for any Christian. However, as much as we love them, Sunday mornings are never going to be the ideal place to build deep and meaningful relationships together.

That’s why Small Groups play a vital part of the health and life of the local church. They are a place where we get to grow in our relationship with God, with each other and where we can use the gifts that God has given us. We also know that if you are to be connected and cared for well in a growing church, then being part of a group is essential. So, our goal is that everyone who calls Apex Church their home will be part of at least one group.

Recently we have launched three different types of groups, all of which will give opportunities to get connected at Apex. These will generally run on a termly basis for 10-12 weeks and on many different days and nights of the week. Each term there will be the potential to sign up to the same group as before or to try something new. Even if you can’t commit to a group every week, please still sign up so that you can get connected, and be cared for well!


These groups are open to anyone and are based mainly around an activity, hobby or stage of life. The main purpose is to create space and opportunity for those in Apex to build friendship with others both across the church and the wider Cowes and Island community.

Currently these include such groups as Noah’s Ark (Carers & Toddlers), Drop-In (60+), Creative Crafts, Forest Life, Walking and Running. (Please Note: Not all these Link groups will follow the termly pattern.)

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Life Groups

Life Groups are at the heart of community life in Apex, and so we are very keen that as many people as possible attend one of these groups. To be connected and cared for well at Apex you will need to be in a Life Group. Many of these groups will spend some time in worship and prayer and they may use the Sunday teaching as a discussion starter for the group.

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Learn Groups

These Groups will run for various lengths, depending on the topic.

Each Learn Group aims to train and equip the church in a number of different areas. If it sparks your interest, you will be able to sign up to it either as well as or in place of a Life Group for a term. Occasionally we will also hold a ‘Bitesize’ Learn track, this will be a one-off training and equipping session, which anyone is welcome to attend!

Learn groups currently include:

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