Our history

At present we are in the fledgling stages of our development, but as present experience becomes history, we pray that it will make exciting reading. May it reveal the mighty hand of God in operation, bringing His Kingdom into being, and revealing His will being done on earth as it is in heaven.

Paul Ras - Founding Father

Paul Ras

Paul Ras - Founding Father

Paul and Yvonne began their ministry in South Africa in 1977 after completing 3 years of biblical studies in Rhode Island, USA. They returned to their country of birth, Zimbabwe, in 1979, where they took up the pastorate of the church Paul had grown up in.

God was however, to radically change their lives. 1989 was a milestone, because this was the year in which for the first time in their lives, they visited England, and expressly felt God say to them that this was where He wanted them. Leaving family, friends and all that was familiar to them, they immigrated to England. Through a series of events, they were led to pastor a fellowship on the Isle of Wight, where they remained for the following 18 years.

They long to see the Church become salt and light in the midst of a decaying western society.

After much prayer during the months of July and August, 2008, they felt God leading them to resign their church and pioneer a new church plant. On the 19th October, 2008, The Apex Church was launched.

They hope to see the emergence of a radical New Testament church made up of radical people who are willing to move out of the comfort zones and mindsets that 'normal' church has offered. They desire to see it built upon the clear principles of the Word of God and not values that have become diffused and diluted over time because of convenience factors. These tendencies have crippled the Church nationally and abroad.

Furthermore, Paul and Yvonne desire are to see the reality of God's power and to experience His manifest presence. Their honest belief is that there is a dimension of God's power, which the church has not yet experienced. Furthermore, they long to see the Church become salt and light in the midst of a decaying western society.

The prayer that constantly repeats itself in their spirits is simply,
'Even so, come to your church Lord Jesus'.

Cowes, Isle of Wight

The Isle of Wight is well known as a boating venue, and hosts one of the biggest yachting events known to the sailing fraternity worldwide, the Cowes Regatta.

It is here in this town that forms a gateway to the Medina River and the centre of the Island, that The Apex Church was launched on the 19th October, 2008, with Paul and Yvonne Ras at the helm.

Northwood House Stable Building

The first service was held in the small, but cosy confines of Northwood House Community Hall (The Stable Building). The sense of togetherness was amazing as a handful of believers gathered to acknowledge and honour God. The presence of the Holy Spirit warmly settled on hearts as they worshipped their heavenly Father. The preaching of God's Word emphasized the fact that like Abraham who was looking for a city whose builder and maker was God, the Apex too was embarking on a journey to see the fulfilment of God's purpose with its people.

Cowes Youth and Community Centre

After five weeks a new venue had to be found to better accommodate the children's ministry plus the folk who were 'looking in' to see what the Apex was about. Cowes Youth and Community Centre served as a stepping stone which we quickly outgrew. We now meet at St Faiths Church just off Newport Rd in Cowes.

Cowes Youth and Community Centre

An exciting development has been the opportunity for the Apex to purchase St Faith’s, and God willing, that will have happened by the end of spring 2014.

Richie and Raina Powell

Another highlight has been the arrival of Richie and Raina Powell on the Island, who have followed God’s leading to join Paul and Yvonne in a leadership role. They were brought into eldership during the summer of 2013. After a fruitful season on the Isle of Wight in December 2016 Richie and Raina followed their calling to lead Christ Central Church in Penge, South London.

Mark and Jaqui Thornett

As of January 2017 Mark and Jaqui Thornett, of Gateway Church Swindon, took the helm of the Apex Church.

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